Saturday, February 7, 2009

Classic Bugatti brings in 3.4m euros at auction

The Classic Bugatti slept for over half a century in a garage in Tyneside and has now been sold at a auction in Paris. The car brought in 3.4 Million Euros!

From the sales description written by Bonhams:

The new owner will have the pleasure of firing up [engine] 26S and hearing that turbine-like sound that so excited Earl Howe when he collected this car from Sorel in 1937.

"Once again [chassis] 57502, a true supercar with impeccable credentials, emerges to take its place on the world stage."

Earl Howe took delivery of the sporty two-seat Atalante after it was completed in 1937 and kept the car for eight years.

After Earl Howe sold it, it changed hands a couple of times before Dr Carr bought the car in 1955 from Lord Ridley, a member of the Northumberland gentry.

Dr Carr drove it until 1960 when he parked it in his garage - to be discovered after he died in 2007.

The car has a remarkably low mileage with an odometer reading of just 26,284. It eventually sold for 3,417,500 euros (£2,989,495).

The Bugatti 57S is a highly coveted car by collectors, with at least four thought to belong to the Musee Nationale de L'Automobile in Mulhouse, France.

Others remain in the hands of private collectors.

Click on the photo to see the car at the Bonhams auction.

Source: BBC News, Photo: Bonhams

Friday, February 6, 2009

Stoat going crazy in snow

BBC News reports:

A stoat has been spotted crazily gamboling in the snow in a Wiltshire back garden.

Michael Cox, who filmed its antics, said that the animal can keep it up for up to 15 minutes at a time.

To see the video go here

Thursday, February 5, 2009

New ways to recruit

I just found this article about a new recruiting way the army is using. It is a simulator which is one of a kind and cost more than $12.9 Million.

read the whole story by clicking on the photo!

I am very surprised which ways they come up with to recruit new people. It seems like they have reached the bottom and face a really hard time finding people to join, but maybe with the recession more people that have lost their job are willing to join the army.

Car hits fox and fox survives!

In Germany a 61 year old man drove home at night hitting a fox which jumped in front of his car. The old guy thought the fox was dead so he didn't sop instead driving home. At home the man and his nephew want to check the damage on the car only to find the fox alive and well in the grill!

After trying to make him go away they called the police which also tried to make it go but as that didn't work either the man decided to park the car to the woods. Returning one hour later the fox was gone.

That is what I call a happy ending even though I really don't understand why the guy didn't stop and check right away instead of driving home?